Decorate Your Event With Festoon Lights

Decorate Your Event With Festoon Lights

We all know how important atmosphere is to a good party; if the lighting isn’t right, it’ll show.

Festoon lights are a fantastic way to decorate a party and create the atmosphere you’re after. They are highly versatile and easy to hang up, and at Grafton Hire, we offer festoon light hire as one of our party hire options.

Here are five reasons why festoon lights are a fantastic way to decorate your party or event!

Set The Mood

Parties are all about mood, and there’s no better way to set the party spirit alive than with proper lighting. Festoon lights can be used both indoors and outdoors to create areas of light and shade which match the mood of your party.

Keep the lights low or string them across the ceiling for a sparkly, magical aesthetic that your guests won’t forget for years.

Match Your Theme

Festoon lights are available in a huge range of styles and colours, as well as offering effects including sparkled festoon lights and more. Festoon lights can be fun and vibrant, perfect for kids’ parties, or elegant and classy for weddings and engagement parties.

Whatever the occasion, festoon lighting can be used effectively to match the mood and style of your party. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out these fantastic festoon lighting ideas on Pinterest or come up with your own designs.

Light Up Every Corner

When you’re hosting a party, it’s important to consider safety a top priority. Not only are festoon lights fun, but they can also be used to light outdoor paths and corners where trips and hazards might otherwise occur.

Use festoon lighting to highlight the areas of a courtyard or garden that your guests can congregate in, and keep dark areas well lit even during late evening gatherings.

Hassle-free Set-up

No doubt one of the best things about festoon lights is that they are easy to set up and install. Festoon lights are easy to hook onto fences, gates, doorways, and any other protruding surfaces.

They’re easy to move around and can be used absolutely anywhere you want – they’re the perfect, customisable party lighting that anybody and everyone can install.

Safe In All Settings

Festoon lights are also a fantastically safe option for all parties, including children’s parties. Modern festoon lights are low voltage and can be designed for use outdoors, which means they’re built to withstand the extremes of wild weather including hot sunshine and torrential rain.

If you’re looking for party lighting that doesn’t pose a hazard, festoon lighting is the way to go.

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