How to Have the Perfect Party with Your Rented Marquee

How to Have the Perfect Party with Your Rented Marquee

A marquee is one of the best ways to have the perfect party. No matter the occasion – a birthday, anniversary, or a holiday, you naturally want to throw a party that everyone loves. Grafton Hire is your go-to for all of the party essentials you need. We offer a wide range of equipment that allows you to host an event no one will forget. That includes a marquee, which, along with these tips, allows you to throw the best party ever. 

A Source of Shelter

If you’re having an outdoor event, a marquee is ideal for providing a source of shade and a place out of the weather. We offer marquees in a range of sizes so you can find the one that best suits your needs. Each one helps create a climate controlled room with ample space for tables and chairs and a buffet table so guests can enjoy their meal. If you don’t want your party to get rained out or cancelled due to heat, a marquee is the clear solution. 

Play the Right Music

Music can make or break a party so make sure you choose the right kind. You want music that isn’t so loud that it covers up the conversation, but not so quiet that it can’t be heard. The occasion should also influence your music choices. If you’re having a dance party, you’ll want upbeat music, whereas a wedding probably calls for something a bit softer and more muted. 

Set up the Bar

No party is complete without drinks so spend some time planning your bar menu. For smaller parties, you might consider serving just one or two signature drinks. For a larger event, a stocked cash bar might be a better option. The crowd might also play a role in which drinks you serve so keep the guest list in mind when you do your beverage shopping. 

Stay Present

You don’t want to be so busy during your party that you don’t get the chance to get into the marquee and enjoy yourself and your guests. Stay organised so that the food and drinks are served, but don’t choose such complicated items that you spend all of your time behind the bar or in the kitchen. Enlisting some help ensures that your party runs smoothly, from start to finish. 

Set up your marquee and send out your guest invitations today. Call us here at Grafton Hire for help with all of your equipment needs.