How Affordable Are Marquee Hires for A Wedding?

How Affordable Are Marquee Hires for A Wedding?

The cost of a wedding can be a big drain on your finances, and many couples save for years to simply be able to afford the dress, and the suits, and the bridesmaid’s dresses, and the flowers, and the photographer and the menu, and all of that is without even mentioning the cost of the venue!

Weddings are so expensive that some couples are turning to a DIY wedding with wedding marquee hire. Grafton Hire explains how this can be make a big saving for your special day.

The average cost of a wedding

When couples hire a big venue for their wedding and reception, they have to fork over a wedge of cash, at least $30,000. Some venues have set prices for their menu and drinks bar, and this means that you can’t escape paying these high prices.

You might think that you are going to pay for a single, big wedding, but it is still an expense that most young couples can not afford.

What about a marquee?

More happy couples are discovering that they can save a lot on their wedding day by stepping away from event venue hire, and looking at a marquee instead. At Grafton Hire we have been managing wedding marquees for years, and have experienced a significant upswing in the number of engaged couples seeking to rent out our big tents for their special day.

How many guests

One of the most important questions you have to ask before you can put a price on your marquee is how many guests you intend to ask. The larger the marquee, the more costly it will be, so you might have to choose wisely. For example, one of our peg-and-pole marquees for a wedding can cost $2200, but holds up to 195 guests. A smaller option, holding up to 65 guests, will cost $260. Making this choice isn’t easy, but you may have to consider your budget.


Getting more for your money

If you decide that you can splash out a little after all, then you might want to use Grafton Hire to hire your chairs and tables, tableware and foodbars, for example. We could give you a top stage for between $100 and $150, food warmers for $35, or a gas BBQ for $65.


Talk to us about our marquees

When you are thinking about wedding marquee hire to save costs, just talk to Grafton Hire today. You can reach out to our teams by calling 02 6643 2878 now.