Questions To Ask When Hiring A Marquee

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Marquee

The Australian weather is unpredictable, so during spring and summer, shelter is often needed from the scorching sun and biting wind. If you’re planning an outdoor event in 2021, hiring a marquee is the perfect choice to protect your guests.

When you’re hiring a marquee, there are a few important points to consider. To make sure planning your next outdoor function is a breeze, the team at Grafton Hire has provided some of the most common questions when it comes to choosing the right marquee.

What Is Your Budget?

  • Establish how much of your overall event budget you are willing to spend on shelter. Marquees are one of the most cost-effective party hire options, but they still need to be budgeted for. Security deposits, cleaning fees and delivery may all attract extra charges.

Does My Venue Allow A Marquee?

  • If you are using a public venue such as a park, check if a marquee is permitted or if any other restrictions apply. Confirm that access is available before and after the event for setup and removal and if next day removal will increase your venue hire cost.

What Size Marquee Do I Need?

  • The size of the marquee will be determined by your guest list and the size of the venue. Make sure you know how many guests you are expecting and what size area you have to set up in.

Who Will Install The Marquee?

  • Check if delivery, installation and removal of the marquee are included in the hire price, and how long before and after the event this takes place.

When Will The Marquee Be Needed?

  • No one likes to wait for access to the party space. Allow time for setup, decoration and food preparation before the time written on the invitation. Check with caterers and other providers as to how early they want to set up. Packing down at the end of the event will need to be scheduled as well.

What Will Be Inside The Marquee?

  • Hiring a marquee alone is like renting an empty hall – it’s just space. Consider what furniture or equipment you may need to set the scene and keep your guests comfortable. Grafton Hire can supply party furniture, catering equipment, and even portable toilets.

What If The Weather Changes?

  • A roof-only marquee quickly becomes cold and wet if it begins to rain, while walls may become unpleasantly warm if the weather is hotter than expected. Find out if the walls of your marquee can be opened or closed during the event, or if heaters and fans can be supplied.

How Do I Choose A Reputable Hire Company?

Look online for reviews, testimonials and other customer feedback. Seek a company with a long history and excellent reputation.Grafton Hire has over 15 years’ experience supplying marquee and party equipment hire to Casino, Clarence Valley and the surrounding areas. With marquee hire starting at just $150, there’s sure to be something to suit your budget and style.Get in touch with Grafton Hire or call us on (02) 6643 2878 to start planning your next event.