Reasons To Hire A Marquee

Reasons To Hire A Marquee

A marquee can be one way to celebrate an event in a large open space and serve as an attractive alternative to traditional venues such as halls and banquet rooms. If you want to think about your reasons for a marquee hire, then Grafton Hire can help you to decide whether this is the best option for your money.

Corporate Events

You need a large area to hold a specialist corporate event, and also need something reasonably affordable. A marquee can not only be stylish and professional, it can also be a great place for networking and entertaining clients. Corporate marquees are extremely popular since they can accommodate seminars, conferences and business fairs amongst others.

Special Events

Whether you want to celebrate a christening, a wedding anniversary or a special birthday, celebration marquees from Grafton Hire are the ideal solution. They can give you everything that you require, including space, flexibility and furniture or other accessory hire to go alongside the marquee itself.


One of the biggest events for the hiring of a marquee is a wedding. These outdoor events are not only unique and extremely versatile, but they also allow the bride and groom to create their own wedding theme, choose a particular backdrop, or even arrange to have more seating than they would obtain through a standard venue hall.


As another alternative, you may wish to use a marquee as a place to host an exhibition, including food festivals, gardening competitions and even wildlife displays. If you have a horse show in the field, then a marquee can be a place to find tea and coffee, for example. 

At Grafton Hire, we can help you to find a marquee suitable to your requirements.

Protection regardless of the weather

Spring and autumn in Australia can be uncertain, and you never know whether it will be boiling sun or freezing rain. In order to make sure that you get the best from your specialist event, you need to hire a marquee from a reliable supplier.

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